Did I Thank the Lord Today?

Did I Thank the Lord Today?

Did I thank the Lord today for the good that came my way?

Restful darkness, sacred night; for the blessed morning light.

For the chance to greet anew, streaming Sun on morning dew?

Did I thank him for my wife, faithful friend throughout my life? 

Little children, grown and gone, laughing echoes in our home. 

For the mem’ries, rich and sweet, things that make my life complete?

Did I thank him for my friends, flowing stream that never ends? 

All their laughter, ev’ry smile, times that make it all worthwhile. 

Family pictures in our home, lives that touched and warmed my own?

Did I thank him for the sky, heaven’s gift to wond’ring eye? 

Canvassed heavens, richest hues, wispy white and brilliant blues. 

Gifts the twilight offers slow, in the pleasant afterglow?

Did I thank him for the air, breath of life and fragrance fair? 

Grass and flowers, fields and wood, yearning to be understood. 

Birds that in the heavens fly, every soaring eagle’s cry?

Did I whisper praises still to the One who molds my will? 

He who loves me, he who waits, patiently anticipates. 

In the silent solitude, did I voice my gratitude?

Did I thank him for my hands, delving into life’s demands? 

For my legs, my back, my heart, every faithful serving part. 

Like a temple, fit to be – apt to serve and honor Thee?

Did I thank him for my health – gift from heaven more than wealth? 

For the tools he loaned to me, face to feel, and eyes to see. 

Free from cancer, pain, disease – did I think the Lord for these?

Did I thank him for his Son, gift of love for everyone? 

He who left His home on high, for that lonely hill to die. 

He who on that cursed tree, gave me life and victory?

And did I thank him for his bride, safely sheltered at his side? 

For the chance to be a part of the church that claims his heart. 

And apart from worldly stain ushered to that home again?

Lord forgive me – thoughtless, rude, for my cold ingratitude. 

Help me pause and, childlike, see all the gifts you have for me. 

Help me bow and humbly say, “Thank you Lord for life today.”

–Robert C. Veil, Jr.

Poems from the Heart