If I Were Trying To Destroy America

If I Were Trying To Destroy America

God Bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her, and guide her through the night with the light from above. From the mountains, to the prairies, to the ocean, white with foam, God bless America, my home sweet home. God bless America, my home sweet home.

     The first thing I would do, if I were trying to destroy America, is weaken her confidence in the established institutions which have made her so impregnable through the years.

     1) The home must be reduced, and eventually torn apart. Since strong homes prevent national discord and strife, they should be destroyed. Divorce should be made easier and trivialized as harmless. I would portray homemakers as unintelligent, and minimize the importance of child rearing. The role of the traditional family as described in the Bible must be obliterated. Traditional fathers should be portrayed in the media as unnecessary and out of date. Respect for the wisdom of parents should be made to look old-fashioned, and there should be a general proliferation of vulgarity and crudeness in the home. I would proceed to destroy the very definition of the family, promoting single-parent families, gay marriage and “non-traditional’ arrangements.  Anyone who questioned this agenda would be labeled and made to appear as hateful and unkind. They would be removed from any meaningful leadership roles. This will create a generation of confused, but arrogant children, tomorrow’s leaders.

     2) At the same time, I would focus on eliminating the church, or rather making it irrelevant. In the media, the church would no more be portrayed as an honorable or healthy thing. On television, families would never be depicted as “going to church.” If there is any reference to church, it would be negative and comical. It would highlight the hypocrisy and division found there.  It would depict church attendance as something for old people only, and disconnected  with successful lifestyles. Christians would be portrayed as ignorant, narrow-minded and bigoted. They would be seen as the cause of many problems. I would portray faith in God as a superstition, beneath the intelligence of modern people. The nicer church buildings would gradually be turned into museums or governmental uses. Eventually, I would not show the church in the media at all, giving young people the idea that no one takes it seriously anymore.

     3) Along with these tactics, I would emphasize somehow a “separation” of church and state. I would find and publicize some paper, some letter somewhere from one of the founding fathers that could be used to support this notion. I would show that the influence of religion in our government is harmful, and convince people that their founding fathers felt the same way. I would try to do away with any vestiges of serious religious faith in any government-sponsored activity. There would be no more prayers in public school or at the beginning of governmental meetings. I would install plenty of non-Christian judges. All serious references to God in governmental literature would gradually be wiped away.

     As part of the above efforts, I would undermine the confidence of young people in the integrity of each of these institutions. I would constantly portray America in a negative light, vilifying her leaders. I would try to paint her as an immoral nation, no better than the godless nations around her. I would convince young people that their forefathers were racist, greedy, and hateful. I would make sure that the colleges and universities were filled with teachers who really believed this. I would call into question all national traditions, and begin to eliminate all monuments and other tributes to the nation’s past. Eventually, I would present candidates for public office who blatantly contradict and reject Christianity, the sanctity of human life, capitalism, traditional family values and other foundational principles.  I would advance the notion that freedom is inconsistent with assimilation, so that extreme and bizarre appearance and behavior would be glorified as healthy forms of individual expression. This would have the added benefit of destroying any confidence in the older generation, which will eventually be unable to accept the radical replacements. Since police officers and the military represent a barrier to these efforts, I would use any opportunity to report them in a negative light. Any case of misconduct would be emphasized and published again and again. In this way, people would get the idea that all such institutions are corrupt and should be mistrusted, then rejected. 

            And I would sit back and enjoy watching a nation once so mighty and strong, fall into the ruins of history along with the godless nations of the past.

-by Robert C. Veil, Jr.