Introducing a Personal Evangelism Seminar

Introducing a Personal Evangelism Seminar

Are you ready for an evangelism boot camp? There was a time in our not-so-distant past when
these types of seminars were being held all over our nation. Christians carried film strips (Jule
Miller) in the back of their trunks and went house to house teaching anyone who would listen the
Gospel of Christ. Now most of our training is inwardly focused and are geared towards keeping
the saved, saved. Success is seen in how many sister congregations attend our events and rarely
on how many non-Christians attend. A few years ago, a brother called and invited us to come do
this seminar. He said, “Brother Rob, we have not had an evangelism seminar in central Texas in
over 20 years.” We are at a crisis stage for churches of Christ in America, but it is not too late.

What is a personal evangelism seminar? It is an effort to train the saved to teach the lost. We
will spend time equipping Christians with a soul winning strategy. We will relay stories of real
people who are coming to know their Savior and provide you the simple principles used to get
them into a Bible study and help them obey the Gospel. We will spend time with elders and
preachers and help them develop a winning strategy for the local congregation.
What can you do? First, please attend every session as each builds upon the other. Second,
come ready to learn with Bible in hand, and ready to take notes. This is not just a lecture. It will
be both principle and practice. Third, please be praying about souls to save. Since this focuses
on training Christians how to reach the lost, it is not recommended that you invite your nonChristian friends and family. After being trained, you will have plenty of opportunity and a working method to reach them.

This seminar is having a great affect upon congregations. Hundreds of souls have been saved
in just the past year, and if we all work together, and follow the Great Evangelist (Jesus), many
more souls will be saved. The Lord is depending upon you for this evangelistic effort to be
successful. The Gospel is not a passive process. It is an active process that will work when we
are willing to work it. Below is a schedule of topics. I will be willing to answer any of your
questions and materials will be available to help equip you with all the tools needed.

Sunday 10/9:
9:45 AM – Let’s Get Motivated: This session will relay several personal accounts of
conversions. It has worked and is still working.
10:45 AM – Let’s Stay with The Message: This session focuses on the power of the Word. We
must put the Bible back into Personal Bible studies!
6:00 PM – Let’s Talk About the Manner: How do you get into a Bible Study? We will look at
Jesus and how our Master Evangelist was able to develop such a large following.
Monday 10/10:
6:30 PM – Let’s Not Argue About the Method: It’s time to introduce, “Back to the Bible” and
demonstrate how to use it along with charts from my PE workbook.
Tuesday 10/11:
6:30 PM – Let’s Apply the Model: In this session we discuss difficult situations and take your
questions. How does this work in my world?
Wednesday 10/12:
6:30 PM – Let’s Make the Application: Rob sits down with the men and provides practical
suggestions on how to implement this program and train church members.
6:30 PM – Ten Ingredients for Evangelism: In this special ladies’ session, Nicole will provide
practical suggestions on how to apply what you have learned.

Every saint on this side of heaven, must be concerned about every sinner on this side of hell.

– by Robert C. Veil, Jr.